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Rats move inside your home through entry holes one inch or larger in search of optimal temperatures.  Rats can jump, swim, and climb in order to gain access into a home.  They are notorious for carrying over 40 disease causing viruses and bacteria including Salmonella, the Hantavirus, and are known for there part in the spread of the bubonic plague.  When inside, they are the most destructive vertebrates in existence. Rats can chew through plastic, wood, and electrical wiring.

Rats are omnivorous and can survive on just about anything.  They mate year round. Females produce 10 to 14 litters each year, with as many as 15 pups per litter.  Rats are much larger than house mice, usually 12-18 inches in length and appear stocky.

It is important that we first identify whether you have a rat or mouse problem.  We inspect droppings, gnawing damage, entry points, and travel patterns.  Once we identify the species we will come up with an appropriate treatment plan, which may include physical adjustments to entry points of your home.  Closing off entry holes and cleaning housing areas helps to keep mice and rats out, once we eliminate the ones that are currently in your home. 


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